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Is Your Website Secure?

Is the website’s security something you think about? Websites are constantly under attack these days. If you are the owner of the website, it is necessary.

Some low-profile websites receive more than 1000 attacks per minute

These include brute-force attacks, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and SQL injection attacks. These attacks allow an attacker to penetrate your site and seriously damage the reputation of your company.

The website software may contain coding errors that allow the software to be susceptible to malicious attacks. Often, free or poorly written web software, which includes add-ons and modules, can target intruders. Attackers scan for vulnerabilities on the Internet. This is a hole in its place where an attacker can use an exploit. This is a hacking tool.


Intruders often go to spam sites, set up phony pages for phishing attacks, steal credit cards and steal personal information. The list can go on. Spam is a big annoyance, which attracts intruders in general to your site. Comment forms should always be blocked and protected.

There are many problems that can arise in an insecure website

An important element that bothers you is the reputation of your company. If your site is broken, your company’s reputation may be tarnished. For example, Google often blocks a site that has been hacked and places malicious content. Often, the web developer may take days or weeks to remove themselves from the blacklist. This creates a huge loss of revenue if your company has potential customers who visit. “This site is broken, why should we buy them something?” Your visitors can say.

Protecting the online security of your business can be a great job

For professional web developers, it is important to check the 토토사이트 software on your website to make sure you are using secure software. In the Open Source class, WordPress and Drupal are common content management systems. WordPress is often easily exploited and has thousands of bad add-ons, where Drupal provides a more reliable and secure web code structure from scratch.

What can you do to protect your site? Some basic things include:

Do not use default usernames
Use strong passwords that contain special characters, letters and numbers.
Make sure that the website software is up to date.
Make sure the web hosting company is using a web application security server (WAF)
Make sure that the web server has an update and security policy.
Never post email addresses on websites. Use contact forms instead.

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